Gallery 4b: Wildlife
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                   Autumn Caribou                          Fishin' at the Falls                     Foggy Pelican  

                    Mr. Elk                               Spoonbill                                       Wiley Coyote


        Panned Sandhill                         Pelican Head                               Puffin Flight


                  Whooper                     Burrowing Owls                                 Musk Ox          


                  Eagle Flight                                   Eagle Yell                               Regal Eagle    


                                    Darling Spoonbill                  Screamin' Eagle                          New Born Elk                                      


                                                                         Heron Family                    Vermont Horses                  Burrowing Owls 2                                                  


                                                          Snail                                  Big Horns                          Blonde Grizzly                       


                                Bull Moose                         Eagle Eye                    Frosty Bison    


                                 Galapagos Crab             Galapagos Crabs                 Great Horned Owl



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