Gallery 1b: Western Scenics
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         Christine Falls                         Clearing Storm                      Crested Cactus    


                  Desert Color                         Fisher's Tower                   Horseshoe Bend Again


     Medicine Lake Rainbow                 Moraine Canoes                     Moraine Lake     

   Red Rocks Reflection           Red Rocks, Stream                        Slick Rock 


                                St Mary's Sunrise                                 Teton Barn                         Trunks & Moss                


                                     The Watchman                        West Fork Rock                       White Sand Patterns


                                Window View                                Yosemite Snow                      Lower Antelope


                        Bitter Cold Sunrise                 Cypress Point                 Desert Bloom      


                        Frosty Aspens               Half Dome in Winter               La Gorce Arc


                        Northern Lights                       Slot Portal                    Teton Reflection

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